Creating a Smart Space Concept

NASDAQ is one of the most widely recognized stock markets in the world. Together with Multitaction, Reaktor created a smart space concept for the events held at their MarketSite.


In the heart of New York City, the Nasdaq MarketSite is located in Time Square ­ the iconic cross roads of the world. The MarketSite hosts various events including Opening & Closing Bell ceremonies and Initial Public Offerings, which are once­in­a­lifetime experience for the participating companies.


As the leading technology stock market, Nasdaq wanted to make something truly different and technologically futuristic for the companies attending to these life­changing events. The goal was to create an experience that would let the participants easily share their special moment with friends and loved ones. Something that would let the moment live beyond.

Using the screens feels unique, intuitive and personal to each visitor. By letting people interact with each other is a genuine way to create shared memories.


Together with Multitaction Reaktor developed a smart space concept where the participants interact with enormous multi-user screens. Having numerous people touching the screen requires a lot from both the design and software. The screens offer enable instantaneous sharing of the event.

The updated Nasdaq experience brought our game to a whole different level. Moreover, these guys were fun to work with.

Zef Nikola – Creative Director, Nasdaq