Building peace of mind for air travelers

Whether it is out of necessity or for fun, travel should be easy and pleasurable. Together with Finnair we built a solution to create peace of mind on the move.

Starting point

Traveling usually resonates quite positively with people. Yet the actual transportation is often experienced as a stressful and unfortunate necessity.

For example, flying is generally seen just as a means to get from point A to B. It’s a mandatory and stressful part of the overall experience. Something that really gets you worked up.

At times air travel can be tedious business, but does not need to be.

These unpleasant moments occur all along the way. Whether it’s the missing gate number, finding the right travel documents or simply knowing what’s going to happen next.

Finnair, a leading airline in the Nordics, wanted to change that. Traveling should be more than just a necessity. It should be a pleasant part of a passenger’s journey. It should enable them to focus on what’s important. Together we created and built a solution to give peace of mind while you’re on the move.

Challenges passengers face


How do I check-in? Do I need an extra bag? Where can I get an extra bag? How can I get a business class upgrade?


Where is my boarding pass? Do I need to queue to check-in? Where is my gate? How much time to boarding?


How long is the flight? What happens next? Can I get something to eat? Can I buy anything? What is the destination like? Where does my connecting flight leave from?


Where does my connecting flight leave from? How do I get to the new gate?


How long is the flight? What happens next? Can I get something to eat? Can I buy anything? What is the destination like?


Where do I pick up my bag? How do I get to the city?


How do I check-in to return flight?

Creative solution

We approached traveling as one entity that should allow people to focus on what’s important. There should be no bottlenecks or stress. Moreover, there shouldn’t be any phases that are described as “unfortunate necessities”. We believe that every moment counts and shapes the overall experience.

In our design, the customer journey starts from discovering travel destinations and ends when passengers arrive to their landing destination. Consisting of several services, it is designed to accompany passengers through every step of the journey.

These touchpoints streamline the traveling process in addition to offering relevant information and additional services at each stage. It is meant to make everyone’s travel an easy-going and enjoyable experience.

Passengers can finally say goodbye to their unwanted hassles.


The digital customer journey concept consists of four solutions that together create the big picture: The Finnair mobile application, the Nordic Sky in-flight entertainment system, the crew application for Finnair’s staff and the onboard Wi-Fi portal.

Upgrade easily to business class or buy an extra bag with Finnair application.

The Finnair application – available for iOS, Android and Apple Watch – is passengers’ best friend even before the trip has started. Users can easily upgrade to business class or buy an extra bag if their traveling plans happen to change after purchasing the flight. During the journey, the application, for example, enables passengers to avoid the queues by checking in on their mobile phones, store all travel documents in one easy-to-access place and minimize the hassle of connecting flights by helping passengers to be in the right place at the right time. The application also views schedules, airport transfer information and terminal maps.

Inflight entertainment system being tested onboard

The Nordic Sky entertainment system is fully integrated with the airplane and is a central part of the cabin’s interior design. The display screens’ ambient mood lighting works in harmony with the award winning cabin lighting, by gradually adjusting color and dimming according to the phase of flight and the time of day. The system not only keeps passengers comfortable with a wide range of entertainment, but also helps them to manage their time effectively showing all the important phases of the flight. It enables passengers to receive the right information at just the right time reducing the workload of the cabin staff. One can just kick back and, for instance, do some shopping with the system.

The Nordic Sky entertainment system makes the flight comfortable and easy-going, yet allowing passengers to manage their time effectively.

The onboard Wi-Fi portal provides passengers with a wide range of services in addition to internet connectivity, which is quickly becoming a hygiene factor on premium carriers. The onboard service is the absolute leading edge as far as of aircraft Wi-Fi portals are concerned. The portal currently gives all passengers access to Finnair’s Blue Wings magazine in digital form, destination information, taxi and hotel booking services, online shopping, YLE news, and Finnair’s online services free of charge. The service is designed to change and keep it fresh with relevant rich content and new services – just like one would expect from any modern web service.

Staff members can easily control passengers view of the timeline and pick orders with the crew app.

Reaktor also wanted to take into account Finnair’s staff. The cabin crew can dynamically adjust the timeline of the journey to reflect the reality of the situation. Any changes to the plan can be communicated to the passengers through the timeline and direct notifications. This reduces the need for spoken announcements and conveys information to the passengers that would otherwise require a lot of attention from the crew. Instead the crew can focus on service and improving the passenger experience. All sales will also be handled through the crew app.


11k users per day
9,5k check-ins per week
110 upgrades per week

Reaktor and Finnair’s new design has brought the IFE user experience to the 21st century kicking and screaming. The quality is simply outstanding.

Jouni Oksanen, Vice President, eCommerce, Finnair